Abdul Haq's Understanding of Iqbal


  • Muhammad Amir Iqbal Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, the University of Sialkot, Pakistan


Iqbal, Abdul Haq, India, Poetry


Abdul Haq, India’s most popular researcher and literary figure, got retirement from the University of Delhi as dean of the Department of Urdu. For the very first time in India, he selected Iqbaliat as his doctorate topic. His books on Iqbaliat highlighted various unexplored topics and personalities. He presented and preached Iqbal’s thoughts and quotations exactly the way Iqbal wanted them to be presented. His articles on Iqbal always received great appreciation from all the literary circles and conferences in which he presented them. As a profound lover and having an understanding of Iqbal’s poetry, he gave new dimensions to his poetry, previously unknown to the world. Furthermore, as a researcher, he discussed numerous scholars who claimed to have an understanding of Iqbal’s poetry and analyzed their work critically. The current study is an acknowledgement of Professor Abdul Haq’s endeavors in the field of education, literature and his services for Iqbaliat. Moreover, the present study encompasses his written publications on the topic of Iqbaliat.




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