Importance of the History of Urdu Literature


  • Shazia Naseem Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology Islamabad, Pakistan



History, Historiographer, Historian, Civilization and Culture, Urdu Literary Histories, Creativity, Research, Critique, Researcher, Phonetics, Religion


تواریخ ادبیات اُردو کا فروغِ ادب میں کردار

History is political, cultural or literary, is a social and social study. History writers have a great significance. If they are not unbelievable or not aware, then there are many misconceptions in the future. Therefore, history writers should always be obscurely, self-confident and powerful. The history and research capabilities of the writer in history are estimated. If a historian is not a researcher, then he is unable to present the truth. Similarly, a history trader does not have critical ability, he can try to review the facts. The historian not only parses events, but also offers a unique map of culture and culture. History of literature is especially described by culture and culture. History of the History of Urdu, it is known that historian literature is an important role in the promotion of Urdu. If the dates are removed, the understanding of literary literature will be impossible, that is why historians also play an important role promoting literature.




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