A Brief Overview of “Fun-e-Talmih”


  • Muhammad Mohsin Khalid Ph.D Scholar (Urdu), Northern University, Nowshera, KPK
  • Dr Munawar Hashmi Dean Faclity of Arts and Social Sciences, Northern University, Nowshera, KPK
  • Uzma Noreen Lecturer Urdu, G.C.W University of Sialkot, Sialkot




Incident Narration Self-expression Emotions Convenience Imaginary


Talmih is known as Allusion in English language. It encompasses a whole story or incident behind it. Without knowing the background in detail, it is hard to understand the use of Talmih. It is a form of Urdu literature where long narration could be avoided by mere use of this art. One of the hallmarks of word art is that it is not limited to the artist, but uses the artist as a medium for self-expression. And he is not satisfied with his creation until he brings his mind to the people, his emotions and feelings! Mat or Murt has to be made suitable for delivery and distribution. The range of hints in Bayan and Badhy is particularly visible. In these wastes, the importance of hint is more. The purpose of using these industries is to create quality in travel and the convenience of communication. Although the seed is apparently a word, but it has a world of meaning, its background consists of a whole story, incident and story. From a semantic point of view, the types of allusions are "Nazni, Islamic, Philosophical, Formal, Political, Imaginary, Mythical, etc., the genres of Naiafian and public allusions are included. It does not disappoint us, because it is a true reality in our path, on the other hand, in our way of knowledge, gives us the concepts that hinder the reality in the form of familiarity.




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Muhammad Mohsin Khalid, Dr Munawar Hashmi, & Uzma Noreen. (2022). A Brief Overview of “Fun-e-Talmih”. Negotiations, 2(4), 44–67. https://doi.org/10.54064/negotiations.v2i4.71