Negotiations <p><strong>Negotiations</strong> is the official journal of the Mehkan Punjabi Adabi Board. The principal purpose of the journal is to publish scholarly work in the field of Arts and Humanities with diverse topics such as history, religion, politics, language, international relations etc. Our primary editorial goal is to publish critically reviewed articles that promote the creative mutual interaction among the Social Sciences. While the journal assumes the integrity of each domain, its primary aim is to explore this interaction in terms of the implications of its fields for constructive research in a philosophical and systematic manner. The research that is published may take a theoretical or speculative model as well as statistical and mathematical. Contributions are welcome from all fields which have relevant and insightful comments to make about arts and humanities.</p> Mehkan Punjabi Adabi Board en-US Negotiations 2789-2921 Iqbal's Universal Ideologies: Nationhood, Patriotism and Mard-e-Momin <p>By studying the thought of Iqbal, our understanding and perception are developed. Any aspect of our education cannot reach completion without benefiting from the thought of Iqbal. In Iqbal's poetry and prose, the important points regarding nationality, patriotism and Mard-e-Momin are sacred for us. Below are the relevant lines under these headings. Iqbal did not like the concept of nationality which becomes the killer of human existence. The political concept of nationalism is terrible. According to Iqbal, the philosophy of patriotism was also the most deadly and dangerous, and according to him, this philosophy was harmful to unity. Iqbal has also mentioned very important things with reference to Mard-e-Momin. In Iqbal's thought, this role is very meaningful. In this article, lines have been penned under the above topics. Authoritative references are provided. Its study will broaden the scope of Iqbal's thought and lead to the creation of new topics for research and criticism.</p> Dr. Muhammad Amir Iqbal Ubaida Tasneem Copyright (c) 2023 Negotiations 2023-12-30 2023-12-30 3 2 1 9 10.54064/negotiations.v3i1.73 Resistive Struggle in Pakistani Urdu Novel: In Historical Perspective <p>History reveals the experiences of previous generations in different areas of life of the members of any society to the present generation, many writers of Urdu have described historical events in the story to highlight social, social and economic problems in the text. In this paper, these novels published after the establishment of Pakistan have been included, in which historical events have been directly or indirectly included in the narrative. Writer has highlighted different aspects of resistance in this article.</p> Dr. Muhammad Kamran Shahzad Copyright (c) 2023 Negotiations 2023-12-30 2023-12-30 3 2 10 35 10.54064/negotiations.v3i1.74 A Research Review of Personal Allusions in Classical Ghazal <p>In the English language, Talmih is known as allusion. It encompasses a whole story or incident behind it. Without knowing the background in detail, it is hard to understand the use of "Sant-e-talmih." This is used abundantly in the classical ghazals in Urdu. Talmih is one of the most powerful sources that gives one’s personality the virtue of sublimity and enlightens it with different pieces of knowledge. It also enhances the vigor and meaning of a person's thoughts and expressions the feeling of art. In fact, it is difficult to find a ghazal in all of poetry that does not use talmih. In the words of the classical poets, "hundreds, if not thousands," of allusions related to the stories or "Persoal" have been used. This article is mainly an analysis of the personal allusions in the ghazal of classical poets</p> Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Khalid Copyright (c) 2023 Negotiations 2023-12-30 2023-12-30 3 2 36 65 10.54064/negotiations.v3i1.77 The Need and Importance of Iqbal's Thought in the 21st Century: Research and Critical Review <p>Iqbal was worried about the conditions and events of the 20th century. Iqbal also studied the West and its culture and openly criticized these elements. Iqbal breathed soul into the dead bodies of Muslims with the Qur'an and its spirit. He carried out the duties of conveying the message with his intellectual brilliance and lofty ideas to make them a living nation. The eternal truths mentioned by Iqbal in his thoughts and philosophy are the guarantor of Islamic unity. Iqbal called the Islamic system of life necessary for the success of Muslims. Iqbal's intellectual significance is increasing with the passage of time. His concern is still helping to refresh our minds. There is a need to benefit from Iqbal's thoughts even today. In this way, chaos can be ended. Iqbal's philosophy can be helpful in forming a righteous society by adapting to the new requirements of the new era. While sleeping, the heads of the Qur'an are watered by the fountain.</p> Naimat Ullah Arshad Dr. Muhamamd Arif Anbreen Yousaf Copyright (c) 2023 Negotiations 2023-12-30 2023-12-30 3 2 66 79 10.54064/negotiations.v3i3.90 The tradition of memoir writing and autobiography in Urdu <p>Literature is the mirror of life .The importance of diary writing in the history of Urdu literature &nbsp;has been un questionable. &nbsp;We find mention of &nbsp;it in the poetry of great&nbsp;poets .The journal is actually a type of diary writing . In modern&nbsp; times , the tendency towards it has become relatively less. Research students are unaware&nbsp; of its importance and value. My aim of this research is to enlighten the contemporary researchers about its importance and traditions.</p> Saira Mushtaq Copyright (c) 2023 Negotiations 2023-12-30 2023-12-30 3 2 80 86 10.54064/negotiations.v3i2.85 Bushra Farrukh as a prose writer <p>Bushra Farrukh is an admirable representative female writer of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa Although she owns an imperative and substantial place in poetry, yet nevertheless, the illustration that she wrote has also earned recognition and holds great significance in literary work. Moreover, her written discourse involves creative and literary articles, critic views and reviews, plays (Dramma) as well as the research and analytical papers. However, the master piece which legitimizes her name as prose writer is her travelogue of Iran, ”Khumenie kay Iran Main” &nbsp;.This is a multi-dimensional travelogue that on one hand explores the social and cultural admeasurements of Iran and on the other hand also represents the ideological&nbsp;&nbsp; pursuance of&nbsp; Bushra Farrukh</p> Dr. Syed Zubair Shah Copyright (c) 2023 Negotiations 2023-12-30 2023-12-30 3 2 87 96 10.54064/negotiations.v2i4.67