A review of women's issues in Sameera Sharif's novel “Zard Mousam Kay Dukh”


  • Saima Akhtar Scholar M.Phil. Urdu, University of Sialkot, Sialkot.
  • Muhammad Faizan Adil Scholar B.S. Urdu, National University of Modern Language (NUML), Islamabad.




Gender Critical, Social Awareness, Social Issues, Social Behaviour, Bitter Facts, Mental and Physical Exploitation


سمیرا شریف طور کے ناول" زرد موسم کے دکھ"میں طبقہ نسواں کےمسائل کا جائزہ

A realistic writer cannot remain ignorant of the problems, thoughts, ideas and trends of his time. The history of prose literature contains a wide range of examples of women’s rights, their plight, their suffering, their mental and physical exploitation, and the atrocities committed against them. Sumaira Sharif Toor is also one of those writers who not only keeps a close eye on the issues and plight of the gender sensitive but also best expresses their problems. Sumaira Sharif Toor has a deep understanding of the problems of the society. Her creative journey began in 2005. She has written five novels and three collections of novelties. “Zard Mousam Kay Dukh” is her first novel. The theme of “Zard Mousam Kay Dukh”is the exploitation of women. This “novel is the story of the two seals of destiny who fight this apathetic society alone for the survival of their existence. How in this apathetic society a woman has to go through lifelong ordeal for her uncommitted sin. She has expertly described the mental conflicts and psychological complications of women. The author writes about the exploitation of women in the name of family traditions, negative attitudes of society, problems of marital discord, and issues of degraded women in the captivity of traditions.