21st Century Necessities and Iqbal's Educational Thoughts


  • Muhammad Shoukat Ali Lecturer Urdu, Aspire College Manawan, Lahore.




Iqbal's Educational Ideas, Understanding, Purpose of Education, Aims and Objectives, Analytical and Research Study


اکیسویں صدی کے تقاضے اور اقبال کے تعلیمی افکارونظریات

The usefulness of Iqbal’s educational ideas in the 21st century cannot be denied because he has a clear understanding of the real purpose of education. What is education? What is life and what are its aims and objectives? What is the purpose of human creation? The answers to these questions can be found in Iqbal’s educational ideas. The real purpose of education is to make man visible; it makes him aware of the secrets hidden in the universe and of the heavens and the earth. In Iqbal’s educational concepts, there is the real teaching of conscience, which leads man to the spirit of obedience to God Almighty and the Holy Prophet. According to Iqbal, education creates the reality of Tawheed and Prophethood, character building in man, depth of thought, Ejtehadi vision, study of the universe, unity of character, teaching jihad, courage and sincerity. This article presents an analytical and research study of the educational ideas and concepts of Hazrat Allama Iqbal in the context of the 21st century.




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