Footnotes of Iqbal's Letters Edited by Mr. Burni: A Research Study


  • Muhammad Amir Iqbal Assistant Professor, Urdu Department, University Of Sialkot, Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Ubaida Tasneem SSS, GGHSS, Bagh, Jhang, Pakistan
  • Sabina Awais Assistant Professor, Urdu Department, GCW University Sialkot, Sialkot, Pakistan



Iqbal’s Letters, Political Thought, Mr. Burni, Artistic Abilities, Complication, Technical Points


کلیاتِ مکاتیبِ اقبال  مرتبہ سید مظفر حسین برنی کے حواشی تعلیقات اور اشاریہ سازی : تحقیقی مطالعہ

One can see thought, philosophy, knowledge and literature in Iqbal's letters. There are religious thoughts too. Political vision of Iqbal can also be observed in his letters. The work of compiling and editing Iqbal's letters is in progress. Experts have tried to understand Iqbal's thought according to their own vision. They had done their duty of translation and editing. Mr. Burni has compiled all the available letters of Iqbal. They have the status of scientific and literary document. He has also compiled comments using technical features. He has also arranged the indexing. Reading this article will help to understand the meaning of comments. There will be access to the principles of indexing. By studying it, researchers will see examples from Iqbal's letters and will master the artistic abilities of literature along with Iqbal's thought.




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Amir Iqbal, M., Tasneem, U. ., & Awais, S. . (2022). Footnotes of Iqbal’s Letters Edited by Mr. Burni: A Research Study. Negotiations, 2(1), 01–09.